Calisthenics is Everything

Calisthenics Clubs, Darwin NT

Top End Calisthenics Club aims to provide a friendly, family orientated environment for all its participants with emphasis on having fun, producing good team work and creating life long friendships.

Our Club remains competitive and strong and is a member of the Northern Territory Calisthenics Association. Top End Calisthenics has a long history of producing championship teams and championship solo graceful and duo performers. Many of our club’s competitors have competed at national championships. We encourage family participation and are extremely proud of our success.

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian artistic sport. Participants are encouraged from as young as 3 year old to young adult where they have fun and keep fit while learning:

Teams learn 6 items each year which are performed on stage at the NT Competitions, usually held in September of each year and at an Annual Family concert. All involve detailed choreography and teamwork.

In May each year there are also solo, duo and graceful competitions where our club has many competitors. Whilst calisthenics is predominantly a female sport we are very pleased to welcome boys.

The name 'Calisthenics'...

Comes from the Greek words 'kallos' for beauty and 'sthenos' for strength.

While this is the basic aim of the sport, the social aspect, and the confidence and self esteem building of its participants are just as important.

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